CottonQTLdb, Release 2.3 (January 24, 2018)

Data submission

The cotton QTL database accepts QTL data from independent researchers who want to add their data to the database. Please submit files in excel format with the following 10 column format.

Map Name

QTL Name



LOD Score




CI (left)

CI (Right)

Map Name: The “Map Name” is the name of the map used with markers. We ask that you title this portion “consensusmap” as that is what we have named our G. hirsutum x G. barbadense consensus map.

QTL Name: The QTL name is left to the discretion of the user but usually it includes a trait name and chromosome number like 'Micronaire_c2'.

Chromosome: The chromosome field should be filled out with “c” followed by the chromosome number (i.e. “c1” to “c26”).

Trait: The trait field should be filled out using abbreviations used by the cotton QTL database. Please refer to the trait page for a list of trait abbreviations.

LOD Score: The LOD score is the log base 10 of the likelihood ratio used in the study to declare a QTL.

R2: The R2 field is the phenotypic variance contributed by a QTL.

SIM: The SIM field refers to single interval mapping. If SIM was used place a “Y” in this field; if it was not used either “N” or “NA” may be used.

Position: The position field refers to the placement of the QTL on the chromosome in centimorgans (cM).

CI Left and Right: The last two fields refer to the left and right confidence intervals (CI) which are also in cM and flank the position of the QTL.

Please email data submission inquiries to the curators of the database listed below.

Jinfa Zhang:

Joe Song: